Transition to our new workflow

As of 1st May 2019, the following features will no longer be available in your iRefer account.

  • Sharing
  • Settings
  • Sign-up form
  • Specific action URL

We are now focused on being the referral platform for SaaS companies.

We want to help your transition go as smoothly as possible and are available to help you every step of the way. If there is anything you are not sure about or need us to step in and help out, please reach out to us either in chat or email us at

Please follow the guide below for an explanation on how to transition your current campaigns over to our new workflow.


We have removed "Specific action" and "Sign-up" which allowed you to trigger a referral if the referred person landed on a specific URL on your website or signed up through one of our forms.

We now trigger a referral when the referred person becomes a "lead" (submits your demo request form) and then becomes a "customer" (purchases a plan).

Follow this guide on how to track your referred leads:

Follow this guide on how to manually change a referred lead into a customer which will complete a referral and send out the reward email to the referring person.



Our focus now is to help our clients get the most qualified referred leads to their sales team. We have, therefore, moved away from sharing a referral link to mostly untargeted audiences on social media.

We believe that a personal friend-to-friend email to a smaller group delivers more targeted, higher converting referrals for your business.

This allows us to provide you and your referring customer's detailed reports on who was referred and at what stage in the referral channel they are. We will be adding additional features soon to your referral channel to increase the conversion process even more.

Another huge benefit is that we'll show you exactly who your referral heroes are, how many friends they referred, which ones became leads, customers and the amount of additional revenue that person generated for your business.

You can set up your new referral widget by following this guide:

Being removed

Signup forms

We will no longer be allowing customers and site visitors to join your referral campaign through one of our signup forms. Previously you were able to put a signup form on your website and ask anyone to join your referral program. These forms will be removed and will no longer show on your site. 

We believe the most effective referrals will come from those customers getting value from your product. For better results, we recommend that you segment your customers and invite those with a high NPS to join your referral program.

The new workflow for a customer to join your referral program is either through an "invite email" or when they navigate to the referral widget inside your SaaS dashboard.

Follow this guide on how to invite your customer to join:

Being removed

Being removed

Referral link

The referral link is no longer automatically shown in the campaign emails. You now need to insert it into the body of your emails.

To give each of your customers a unique referral link to share, insert the following tag into your campaign emails: {referral_code}. This tag alone is not enough, and you need to add it to the end of the URL of the page containing your lead form.

For example, if your lead form is on this URL:
Then the referral link should be inserted into your campaign email like this:{referral_code}. It's important that you put "?iref={referral_code}" at the end of your page URL.

This is how the link will be displayed in the campaign emails to your customers.

In this example, Tom can then copy and paste his link to share with his friends. Friends clicking on Tom's link are then re-directed back to the lead form on your landing page and when that form is submitted, the referral will be tagged as coming from Tom.

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