Connect to your email server

Send campaign emails through your mail server. 

Navigate to your campaign by clicking on the "Edit" button in your Dashboard.

Click on "Email setup" under Tools in the left navigation as shown below. 

  • From Name: This will show as the "From" name in the campaign emails your advocates receive. 
  • From email: Enter the email address you would like your campaign emails to be sent from.  Your advocates will see this email address and be able to reply to it. 
  • Host: In most cases, this will be either or
  • Port: Default is 25. Some ISPs block or throttle SMTP port 25. If your ISP allows you could try using port 587 or 465 instead.
  • Encryption type: Default is "tls". check with your ISP if it is not working for you then try "ssl". You should enter these in lower case. 
  • SMTP Username: Use the username your ISP has provided you with. In most cases, this would be your email address.
  • SMTP Password: Use the password your ISP has provided you with.


Send a test email 

If everything worked then you should see a green tick and have received the following email to the address you entered into the "Send test email to" field…

Subject: Demo email to test smtp settings!
Body: Congratulations!

You’ve successfully connected iRefer up to your SMTP server, which means all confirmation and reward emails sent from your campaigns to your leads, will now be sent from your own domain!

iRefer Team

If you see a red error message, please contact us through the in-app chat so that we can help complete your setup.

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