Import your customers and send out invites

To send out the invite email to your existing customers asking them to join your referral program and invite friends, you should upload a CSV file. There should be two columns in your file, but you can also include three if you wish to personalize your referral program with your customer's avatars which can help increase conversion for the referred friend.

First column: Name
Second column: Email address
Third column: Avatar URL. For example - https://app.your-domain/profile-images/tom.jpg

Click here to download a sample CSV file.

After upload the invite email will  immediately  be sent to everyone in your CSV file.

Your CSV file should contain no more than 1,000 customers (rows). You can, however, upload multiple CSV files if you wish to upload more than 1,000 customers. Invite emails are only sent one time to each customer. If your file contains for example 500 customers on your first import and then two weeks later you've added another 100 customers and imported again, then only those 100 new customers will receive the invite email.

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