Embed the referral widget

Embed and edit the referral widget

Step 1 - Connect your SaaS dashboard to your TrueSaaS account

Navigate to your campaign by clicking on the "Edit" button in your Dashboard.

In the left navigation, click on the "Installation" button, then "Referral Dashboard" as shown in this screenshot.


Copy and paste the script shown above into the HTML of your SaaS dashboard page.

The referral widget is shown to your existing customers when they click on the button in your campaign "Invite Email" or visit the "Refer-a-friend" page that you add into your SaaS dashboard.

Step 2 - Personalize the referral widget

To personalize the widget you can add the following tags:

Data for both tags will be pulled from the CSV file of existing customers you will upload into your campaign. Click here to download a sample CSV file.

Here you can change the text that is shown above the form, button text and the "thank you" message shown after your customer has submitted the form and invited their friends.

Step 3 - Embed the referral widget into your SaaS dashboard page

Copy and paste this code into your landing page and/or SaaS dashboard to allow your customers to quickly and easily refer their friends and track their progress. The referral widget sits inside an iFrame and so you can place your page content around it.

<div id="iref-widget"></div>

This is how the widget will look on your page.

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