Reward structure / reward email


Step 1 Create new campaign

From your dashboard click on the "New campaign" button as shown below to create a new campaign. In the popup, name your campaign and press "continue".


Step 2 - Setup your rewards

1. Choose your reward structure.

In the example above the referrer will get the same reward each time they make a referral.

2. Approve customers

After the referred person submits your lead form, they will be tagged as a "Referred Lead" in your campaign. At this point, no reward email will be sent to the referrer until you have manually approved the referred person. After you have approved them, their status will change to "New Customer" and the reward email will automatically be sent to them.

If you choose not to manually approve each referred person, then your campaign will assume they are a "New Customer" and will automatically send our the reward email.


Next, enter you "Reward title", this is used internally for your reports and our tracking.

The reward email is automatically sent to the referrer when the referred person becomes your customer.

Below is the HTML to use for creating the "Refer more friends" button. It's very important that you keep the query string ?vsu_ref_email={email} so that we can track who made the referral.
<span style="color: #39B54A ;padding:15px 20px;background-color: #39B54A;"><a style="padding:15px 20px;color:white" href="{email}" target="_blank">Refer more friends</a></span>

Remember to change everything ( before the "?" to your landing page URL where you have placed your lead form.

Then press Save & Continue.

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