Double-sided reward with coupon codes

You can send unique coupon codes or even Amazon gift vouchers codes as incentives and rewards in your referral campaign.

You could insert coupon codes into the following places in your campaign.

  • Invite email
  • Reward email - Referrer / Referee
  • Friend invite email
  • Friend welcome message

Here is an example using coupon codes.


Give a friend $25 discount when they join, get a $25 Amazon gift card.

1. Start your campaign by inviting your existing customers to refer-a-friend and giving them a $25 off their subscription. When the friend subscribes, give the referrer a $25 Amazon Gift Voucher for the referral.

2. Insert a generic coupon code into either the Friend invite email and/or the friend welcome message as shown below to give the $25 discount.

2. When the referred friend subscribes, this will complete the referral and send out the reward email to the referrer containing a unique $25 Amazon Gift Voucher Code. Upload a CSV file of your Amazon gift voucher codes here. Each time a reward email is sent out, a unique code will be inserted into it.

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